Can I request to change the IPv4?

Free change within 24 hours after activation of the service, after that we charge £2 per instance.
To request a change of IPv4, you need to create a ticket in the sales department.

Please be aware that there is a limit to the number of times you can request an IPv4 address change.
It is more of a human understanding that one needs to know when to stop, we can't just keep on changing the IP addresses forever.
IPv4 addresses are a finite resource, and organizations often have a limited pool of available addresses. Allowing unlimited IP address changes could lead to inefficient allocation of resources and exhaust available addresses more quickly.
Frequent changes could disrupt the service and cause unnecessary complications.

1. Frequent IP address changes can disrupt network stability and cause unnecessary load on network infrastructure.

2. Constantly updating IP addresses can confuse routers, servers, and other devices connected to the network, potentially leading to network downtime or slow performance.

3. Processing IP address changes often involves manual intervention or administrative tasks. Limiting the frequency of changes helps to reduce the workload on support staff.

4. Some users might attempt to abuse the system by frequently changing their IP addresses to bypass restrictions, access restricted content, or engage in illicit activities. Limiting IP address changes helps mitigate abuse and enforce fair usage policies.